Genshin Impact Character Dps Chart

70 keaya or for even lower levels if you plan it right. It would not be bad if you call her a pure dps class character based on the skills she has.

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Best dps characters in genshin impact aidan o brien.

Genshin impact character dps chart. Tiers are ordered alphabetically. That belongs to dps and support class. In genshin impact different character excel at different things and some of them are.

Genshin impact best characters tier list. It is generally best to choose the element that matches the element of your main dps attacker. All anemoculus locations it s worth remembering when building a character that you shouldn t focus only one a single hero but four each with their own elements and attributes.

Genshin impact xiangling build overview how to get xiangling clear spiral abyss floor3 chapter 3. Here s a quick little cheat sheet to help you in your travels in teyvat. Check out this artifact build guide for genshin impact.

Bennett dps support chongyun dps klee dps razor dps traveler anemo support traveler geo. But kaeya isn t much viable as your main dps character or is he. Aether a traveler from another world who had their only kin taken away forcing them to embark on a journey to find the seven.

Xiangling is one of the 4 star grade characters in the genshin impact english global version. How to make kaeya main dps build. Also while fervent flames might look like the best for combat at first glance you may get higher damage per second choosing a.

This will apply to a lvl. Types of elemental resonance chart. Amber kaeya and lisa can be obtained for free early in.

Diluc dps fischl support qiqi healer venti support. Lumine a traveler from another world who had their only kin taken away forcing them to embark on a journey to find the seven. Learn about the best artifact sets for characters stats choosing stronger artifacts artifact tips and more.

Genshin impact guides image via mihoyo. This build is how you can make kaeya the main dps in your party in genshin impact. Units are evaluated at constellation 0 and by their preferred roles.

Most of us are looking for that genshin impact cheatsheet spending hours going through multiple sites to look for them and there can be too much information to remember if you want to upgrade or ascend your characters or artifacts. 1 how to obtain 2 progression 2 1 leveling 2 2 ascensions 2 3 constellations 3 playable characters 3 1 upcoming 4 non playable characters 5 manga original characters 6 navigation characters can primarily be obtained by using primogems to purchase intertwined fates or acquaint fates to perform wishes gacha pulls. Barbara healer jean healer keqing dps mona support xiangling dps support xiao dps.

Well there are build you can do with kaeya which can make him an extremely powerful force to be reckon with. But since genshin impact is a gacha game you may not have the right characters for the elemental resonance to make sense.

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