Genshin Impact Best 4 Star Team

The best team builds in genshin impact require players to utilize characters with a variety of elements. Chongyun is one of the best cryo users in genshin impact.

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There are only two 4 star playable cryo users in genshin impact.

Genshin impact best 4 star team. His elemental skill and passive abilities make characters like xiangling more effective dps. Follow these team building tips and build the ultimate team with the roster you currently have. Fischl is the best 4 star supporter in genshin impact and can basically fit any elemental team comp but is great for this one.

Now let s get down to team building. No 4 star or 5 star is a waste in genshin impact as they all have their own roles in a party. Like i mentioned at the start i want to give you guys a variety of different options so that you can build the best team with the pieces you have.

Because of this a great party make up could be diluc qiqi fischl and the traveler the player s character. His attacks are best when dealing with aoe damage. If you feel like your team is underperforming or you re not using them to their full potential you may just need some tweaks.

Chongyun and kaeya both of them offer a good set of elemental skills. If you can get jean as your healer that would make this composition even more powerful as she has a strong anemo element which is perfect for the abyss. I ll start with my most ideal comp and then slowly work towards a f2p version.

We introduce the best party composition for each task including exploring areas slaying field bosses and more. Note that in my f2p version i assume you have xiangling and. However i prefer chongyun more especially when players have unlocked his.

This is a guide to making the best party in genshin impact. Chongyun is a heavy weapon user that is leaned more towards team play. Today we re going to run down chongyun s abilities and recommend what we think is the best build best artifacts best team composition and more.

Diluc works well with the pyro fire element and deals heavy dps qiqi is a cryo ice element healer and fischl is a great support. For example players wouldn t want to use venti xaio sucrose and jean as a team because all of those characters use the anemo wind element. Learn how to make the best party.

Chongyun isn t the best cryo character in genshin impact he s not the best dps and he s not the best claymore user either what is he however is a solid workhorse that effectively enables other characters on your team.

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