Genshin Impact Character Artifact Builds

Check out this artifact build guide for genshin impact. Best artifact build for barbara in genshin impact recommended artifacts for barbara.

Genshin Impact Best Dps Tanks And Healer Builds

He joins the rest of the characters club in november 1 1 update.

Genshin impact character artifact builds. That belongs to dps and support class. Genshin impact xiangling build overview how to get xiangling clear spiral abyss floor3 chapter 3. Maiden beloved barbara best artifact build.

Skyward atlas also crimson witch of flames. Not only on barbara but this artifact will perfectly fit any healer in the game. Kaeya support cryo build.

Zhongli is a 5 star grade geo element character in genshin impact that prefers polearm to smash his opponents. With his wind based skills and quick hitting attacks xiao is great for dps in any party. Learn about the best artifact sets for characters stats choosing stronger artifacts artifact tips and more.

Instructor barbara best artifact build 1 maiden beloved this artifact will improve the healing of barbara increase the healing caused by elemental skills. If you ve been playing genshin impact for a while now you ll know that artifact sets are the key to making truly excellent builds for maximum damage survivability ability effects and healing. Klee dps pyro build.

Genshin impact tier list build tier b. Scholar barbara best artifact build. Xiangling is one of the 4 star grade characters in the genshin impact english global version.

Which gifts to give genshin impact map. Learn the recommended weapon artifacts per character strongest weapons artifacts. The alley flash or the flute also noblesse oblige.

Xiao s best character builds xiao is one of the many playable characters in genshin impact. It would not be bad if you call her a pure dps class character based on the skills she has. Check this best build guide weapons artifacts for each character for genshin impact.

All anemoculus locations it s worth remembering when building a character that you shouldn t focus only one a single hero but four. Noblesse oblige 2 piece elemental burst dmg 20 4 piece using an elemental burst increases all party members atk by 20 for 12s. He is a yaksha adeptus which means he defends the nation of liyue from outside forces.

Speaking of his strengths zhongli excels in causing aoe damage on the enemies possess high attack speed and not to forget his elemental skill which summons a meteor that strikes enemies on the surface. Tier b are average characters check also their best builds best weapon and also artifact set.

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