Genshin Impact Hero Tier

Genshin impact ist zwar im herzen ein gacha game das bedeutet das primäre finanzierungsmodell beruht darauf dass ihr charaktere im dezent glücksspiel artigen losverfahren gewinnt. Fans are hoping that the developers will continue to add more units soon as part of the fun is collecting them.

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Based on the available data these five characters have top tier performance ratings against all sorts of enemies building them wisely with weapons and artifact can unleash full potential.

Genshin impact hero tier. It requires the player to use elemental combos and effects. Check out this full tier list of characters to choose from. Elemental skill and burst s ease of use genshin is not a game that requires you to spam just attack buttons.

Tier 1 characters list in this tier we have listed the x5 characters units. Bei den insgesamt 23 charakteren in genshin impact ist es manchmal schwer den überblick über sein team zu behalten. Image used courtesy of genshin impact youtube.

Most players really only use her to light fire sconces from a distance. Amber is given to everyone for free and is easily the worst character available at the moment. Genshin impact s 20 strong list of characters is already impressive on its own.

Genshin gg is not affiliated with or endorsed by mihoyo genshin gg is a database and tier list for the genshin impact game for pc switch playstation 4 and mobile game app on ios and android. Just put amber away in storage for now until mihoyo gives her some more power. Between his two abilities he can put out an absurd amount of damage so long as your foes aren t pyro resistant and his regular attacks.

Genshin impact revolves around a totally original story with many characters to choose from to make up a party of four. For these reasons we will be looking at the complete tier list with all the characters that are currently in genshin impact so that you know which ones are better and worse and based on that make the best genshin impact tier list team or genshin impact tier list weapon of your choice. Genshin impact tier list october 2020.

Her explosive puppet skill is lackluster and her fiery rain skill only lasts a measly two seconds. Diluc is one of the best dps characters in genshin impact. Of course this tier list assesses the characters at their base starting point.

Because of that characters with elemental skills that remains even after switching or skills that has great combos are rated highly in this tier list. Diluc qiqi venti keqing and fischl. These heroes above are at the current top tier so players should try to get them.

Wir zeigen euch die stärksten charaktere in unserer tier liste. Genshin impact full tier list and best characters to start the game with genshin impact released on 28 the september for all the platforms like ps4 pc android and ios. Genshin impact d tier characters amber.

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