Genshin Impact Artifact Builds

Fast energy recharge helps character unleash the elemental ability quickly. If four pieces in the set are equipped then xiao s normal attack dmg increases by 35 since he uses polearms in battle.

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2 best noelle artifact build in genshin impact maiden beloved maiden beloved is another best artifact for noelle that can improve her healing.

Genshin impact artifact builds. Xiangling may not be the most powerful character in genshin impact but she s certainly one of the best. Each character can equip 5 artifacts one of each type. You can read more about maiden beloved here 3 best noelle artifact build in genshin impact the exile use to recharge energy quickly for self and party members.

Genshin impact ascension crystals guide hypostasis oceanid regisvine locations. 1 stats 1 1 main stats 1 2 sub stats 2 4 piece artifact sets 3 1 piece artifact sets 4 enhancing 4 1 artifact exp chart 5 destroying 6 guides 7 navigation 8 references each artifact has one main stat determined by. Crimson witch of flames xiangling best artifact build.

Noblesse oblige 2 piece elemental burst dmg 20 4 piece using an elemental burst increases all party members atk by 20 for 12s. Check out this artifact build guide for genshin impact. Genshin impact sucrose guide.

Genshin impact s best artifacts set for xiao is the gladiator s finale set since it raises atk by 18 when two pieces are equipped. She sits on a line between both dps and support depending on how you build her. That makes her incredibly useful in a variety of team comps which is probably why you re here.

Diluc is one of the most popular characters in genshin impact and his abilities have a lot to do with. Best artifact build for traveler anemo in genshin impact. Learn about the best artifact sets for characters stats choosing stronger artifacts artifact tips and more.

Best build artifacts team more. Skyrider sword traveler anemo best weapon build 2 skyrdier sword equip this gear to traveler anemo to scale up his base atk and energy recharge to swiftly unleash his ultimate. Using the elemental burst provides an increase in atk and movement spd.

Artifacts are equipment that characters can equip in order to increase their stats and activate special artifact set bonuses. Gladiator s finale xiangling best artifact build 1 crimson witch of flames. However for players who don t have any gladiator s finale pieces any common artifacts that focus on increasing damage will work just fine.

Use this artifact to scale up the pyro dmg of xiangling. What your favorite genshin impact characters say about you. All anemoculus locations it s worth remembering when building a character that you shouldn t focus only one a single hero but four each with their own elements and attributes.

Best artifact build for xiangling in genshin impact recommended best artifacts for xiangling.

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