Genshin Impact Character Gacha Rates

Includes gacha s price cost system rates which characters to summon and banner schedule. Check out this gacha guide for genshin impact to learn which wish banner to roll.

Genshin Impact Gacha System Is There A Character Gacha

There are characters that you ll be able to obtain just by playing the game so aiming for a great roll is unnecessary.

Genshin impact character gacha rates. 5 stars have a 0 6 pull rate. Only played the first two betas which is a while ago though so i am not 100 sure. By anthony puleo 6 minutes ago.

Rerolling in genshin impact is extremely slow and the rates for the top tier character is low as well. 3 star weapons are fairly common while some 5 star characters have an extremely low drop rate of around 0 6. Share share tweet.

For reference all my genshin impact play has been on pc using a wired xbox controller but the game is available on playstation 4 and mobile devices. A 5 star character or weapon has a 0 6 chance of dropping a 4 star character or weapon has a 5 1 chance of dropping a 3 star weapon has a 94 3 chance of dropping. If i don t mistake it 0 6 rate is for the standard banner.

What are the genshin impact gacha pull rates. 0 6 for a 5 character or weapon specifically 0 3 for a 5 character. Genshin impact uses a gacha system as its main form of monetization but its rates are so low that guaranteeing a character is very expensive.

Get ready to learn how mihoyo s game as a service adventure works. I spoke highly of the game in my review but that didn t offer any tips for getting started. However if you do 9 pulls or.

5 character chance is at 0 6 on the respective banner 5 weapon chance is at 0 7 on the respective banner 4 character chance is at 5 1 on the respective banner. Subject to change after release. By now you ve probably heard of genshin impact.

In genshin impact this is called the wish system. At its core genshin impact is still a gacha game. Most of the 5 star characters and weapons are supposed to be acquired through special banners that boost the rate to 400 0 6 2 4.

This means most of the game s rarest weapons items and even characters are obtained through rng based gacha pulls. That s what this guide is for. I ve been browsing threads discussing the abysmal rates in the genshin impact beta and i ve come across many responses defending the gacha system which showed a really warped perspective on gachas rates and pity timers.

Rate up banner chances are.

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