Find 3 Dandelion Seeds Genshin Impact

Genshin impact dandelion seed locations farm guide. Thankfully though in the case of dandelion seeds there s a reliable spot very.

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There s an achievement connected to them called the wind and the star traveler as well as a in game myth called the fox in the dandelion sea.

Find 3 dandelion seeds genshin impact. Some of the resources required to ascend characters and weapons in genshin impact are a real mission to find. They can be harvested in the wild from dandelion plants which grow around the mondstadt region of genshin impact s open world map particularly near the mondstadt gates. The problem is dandelions are really hard to spot and even when you find them you won t be able to just take the seeds.

A tiny seed that rides on the wind. With all of the different items and characters in genshin impact there s a lot to worry about. These wind based flowers need to be broken with wind attacks.

Dandelion seeds are crafting ascension materials needed in genshin impact. It says i can farm them on the right side in front of the mondstadt gate but there arent any seeds. 4 weapon ascension usage.

Dandelions grow freely in genshin impact but there are some places that players can decide to go to if they wish to farm some dandelion seeds for themselves. One of the many items is dandelion seeds and it s very useful. Dandelion seeds are a material in genshin impact.

Can anyone help me. Anemo impacting potions and ascending the character jean. Dandelion seeds are dropped after using an anemo.

Genshin impact dandelion seeds farming guide. By ashley shankle you may have come across some dandelion seeds early on in genshin impact and just forgot they were there but these mondstadt specialties have two distinct uses. Also cant find them with vision so i think they are really not there.

They have a few different crafting uses. If you re struggling with. The rest of the task is fairly simple.

Dandelion seeds are a local specialty item that can be harvested from dandelion plants. Log in or sign up to leave a comment log in sign up. This isn t a difficult quest at all the tricky part is finding and harvesting.

Quest whispers in the wind find 3 dandelion seeds genshin impact donation in pandemic http paypal me rezhascarlet. Genshin impact quest find three dandelion seeds use wind spell to break the seeds my discord id dkwan 1260 please like comment and subscribe for. Dandelion plants are located within the mondstadt region and most notably near the mondstadt gates.

I want to make my daily quest finding 3 dandelion seeds but i cant find any seeds. You ll have to get some for the flighty flora and flora side quest in a step that requires you to collect one portion of dandelion seeds. So to help you find this useful crafting item we ve laid out the best places to look for the item.

3 character ascension usage. Where to find dandelion seed across teyvat in genshin impact period. The players just need to know where to find these seeds and how to harvest them from the plants.

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