Genshin Impact Next Banner After Venti

So if you ve obtained venti already and don t want dupes you still have a slightly higher chance of obtaining a wanted 5 star character on his banner if the last 5 star you obtained is venti. Genshin impact venti overview as a ranged dps support venti is best keeping his distance as much as possible while dealing damage.

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A brief overview of all gacha banners in genshin impact currently and from the past.

Genshin impact next banner after venti. Now this new klee banner did confirm something for players and that was the fact that the pity mechanic built into the gacha system of genshin impact isn t as bad as people thought it was. Just a quick edit. As a last note in our venti genshin impact guide let s look at banners.

Playing genshin impact till there s no tomorrow. Already thanks to everyone who have commented. Find out which characters and weapons are currently rotating with a higher droprate or check out the history to see if your beloved character will get into the rotation again soon.

In other words if you pull venti then jean your next 5 star is still guaranteed to be venti. Genshin impact wish event banners there was. If this were true it would mean that a player with 9 rolls.

New banners are oftentimes one of the most exciting things about gacha games like genshin impact. It also provided players with a guaranteed venti character and a. One of the most recent was a venti character banner offer which discounted the price of purchasing ten wishes at once.

Venti is an amazing character no doubt but just not something im personally after even with how useful he is. Originally it was assumed that the guaranteed 4 star at 10 rolls wishes and 5 star at 90 rolls were separate between all banners individually. Genshin impact hint reveals next hero banner after klee genshin impact is about to drop a preview of patch 1 1 some time soon and ahead of that they have given us a sneak preview of who the next.

Well we came across this leak posted by ququyou. Mihoyo via polygon genshin impact debuts a banner later today with an entirely new character to collect which means that the old promotion featuring venti one of the best options in the. I watched like 5 youtube whale videos and they all got venti every time after obtaining another 5 star.

Genshin impact holds special offers on wishes from time to time. In this genshin impact guide we re going to look at all of. After all the entire game is about collecting and powering up your characters and the first step to doing so is obviously obtaining them.

We re currently on the klee banner but most of us have been thinking. I ve been thinking that should i just use my recourses to go for venti or wait and maybe get burned if the next special banner isn t something i like want. According to them mihoyo has already lined up several character banners through to february 2021.

And since he s an anemo unit his skills complement that approach.

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