Genshin Impact Nameless Treasure Linglang

After collecting all 3 players can go talk to linlang at the xigu antique shop in liyue harbor to sell them. You need to rescue a caged woman in the quest who will guide you to the location of a buried treasure.

Genshin Impact Nameless Treasure Where To Find Guide Fall

One is next to the pillar in the water one is on the platform next to the geo element node one on the stone pillar above it and the last one s inside on the lower floor.

Genshin impact nameless treasure linglang. To complete the quests and get the treasures players have to visit three different locations namely dunyu ruins lingju pass and qingxu pool in any order. You will notice that there would be a geo seal that can be unlocked. The first one is in dunyu ruins northwest of liyue harbor.

Linlang is only tending the shop between 22 30 and 06 00 in game time. Genshinimpact namelesstreasure here is another quick genshin impact guide video to help you cash in your nameless treasures after solving the qingxu pool. The next genshin impact nameless treasure secret quest location is at lingju pass.

For what it s worth the treasure is also in lingju pass tucked away by a tree in the southeast section of the. Defeat the enemy camp on the west side of lingju pass loot the chest you get as a reward and use the key you get to trigger a sub quest within your overarching nameless treasure hunt. Once you ve lit them all hit the node and the.

Gtx1050 3gb ryzen5 ram 8gb ssd nvme 512gb jangan lupa juga ikutin media sosial gw instagra. Genshin impact nameless treasure solution lingju pass. There is three nameless treasure and they are all placed in three different places.

At lingju pass will reward the player with a nameless treasure for a total of 3 treasures. Silentshade genshinimpact genshinimpactguides todays video is all about helping you get the nameless treasure in qingxu pool area and finding the 5 geo se. This one is a bit more straightforward.

It is submerged in the lake so you ll first have to make the water level go down. Genshin impact nameless treasure dunyu ruins nameless treasure. Just follow the instructions you re given and you ll be able to dig up your treasure in no time.

In this genshin impact gameplay guide we cover the nameless treasures special quests and show you the location of all 3 chests and give you our tips on ho. Players may collect nameless treasures by completing the main puzzle at qingxu pool and dunyu ruins. Completion of the quest and this treasure goes to.

To do this you ll have to light four torches in the ruins. You will get this treasure while completing and this treasure goes to quest. Nameless treasure location and what you need to do in genshin impact.

That s the secret nameless treasure you need to collect. Selling the treasures to her will reward the player with 350. You will need to collect all the nameless treasure by solving the elemental puzzle and sell it to the merchant or owner of xigu antiques linlang.

Let s dive into the genshin impact treasure location. For your first nameless treasure in genshin imapct you can travel to dunyu ruins as shown in the image.

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