Genshin Impact Elemental Mastery

In genshin impact elemental reaction triggers when two elements make contact with each other. Genshin impact elements guide there are seven elements in genshin impact now including pyro fire geo earth dendro nature anemo wind hydro water cryo ice and electro lightning.

Genshin Impact What Is Elemental Mastery Elemental Skill And Elemental Burst Pro Game Guides

This stat is not only unique to genshin impact but also works differently from the other four.

Genshin impact elemental mastery. All of these are pretty straight forward and easy to understand except for elemental mastery. It doesn t affect the damage of an. It may not be important at the initial part of the game but the end game definitely relies a lot on elemental mastery.

Max hp attack defense max stamina and elemental mastery. Without knowing what the elements are or what they re capable of you ll find the game pretty tricky to play. However there are also monsters.

Alongside attack elemental mastery is a key stat used to calculate bonuses to the power of elemental reactions that your characters create and is especially important for catalyst wielders. Genshin impact is an ongoing fantasy adventure manga series published by mihoyo that features top notch art engaging story and captivating characters. Elemental mastery is an attribute in genshin impact that can play a major role in upping your party s damage.

What is elemental mastery. Journey across a magical realm of diverse cultures and kingdoms in the epic title of genshin impact. In genshin impact there are five main attributes for each character.

Here s how elemental mastery works in genshin impact. A guide on what elemental mastery skill and burst mean in genshin impact. Elemental mastery is basically your special damage stat so your stat for your reactions.

What is elemental mastery in genshin impact. What is elemental mastery elemental mastery is the only stat on the character details page to get its own paragraph without having to press for more info. Elements are one of the main cruces in genshin impact as they are pretty much vital to how combat works and how to solve the majority of puzzles in the game.

Some monsters such as slimes already have an innate element and casting an elemental skill will trigger a reaction right away. So your elemental combinations get a damage increase. Vaporize and melt deals more overloaded superconduct electro charged shattered and swirl deals much more and shields also get extra health.

Depending on the element this will cause either an added burst damage bonus negative buffs area of effect damage or damage over time. Elemental mastery is an advanced stat in genshin impact that affects your damage for elemental reactions. These elements will make your character more powerful.

Join these young warriors in their quest to defend their beloved city in a world governed by the 7 elemental archons while they unravel.

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