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Genshin impact plunging attack exploit being used to decimate pigeons good team composition is needed to win in these dungeons. Beim building des teams muss man einige dinge beachten.

Here Are The Best Genshin Impact Artifact Sets For Each Character

Check best team comp strongest team build guide for genshin impact.

Genshin impact venti build. As the god of anemo you would expect some hurricane level catastrophe but what you get is a small gentle breeze that lifts. Depending on weapon and artifacts of choice this genshin impact venti build retains some of the supporting capacity while giving a decent boost to damage speed and critical rate. Genshin impact venti build overview how to get venti gacha draw venti one of the 5 star grade characters in the genshin impact game belongs to the support role and possesses great base stats abilities and talents.

Learn best teams team tier list team setup team bonus skill team build tips elemental resonance and more. If you are lucky enough to then you can take royal bow sharpshooter s oath for weapon and wanderer s troupe for the 4 set bonus. 1 character should be the main dps the character that does the most amount of damage in the least amount of time and 3 characters for support whether it s healing or building defense.

The idea behind this build is to fire a powerful fully charged aimed shot with venti every 10 seconds taking advantage of the extra 2 arrows from his first constellation splitting gale. With the right weapon and artifact she can truly shine and help you in all sorts of game modes. Both venti s abilities scale off atk.

Das richtige team in genshin impact ist wichtig. Pretty much the wing man of the team if juicy damage numbers were a lady. Pretty much the wing man of the team if juicy damage numbers were a lady.

2board october 11 2020. Support s job is to make dps job much easier. There is a very fun charged shot build venti can build but it massively relies on getting c1 for him.

Genshin impact venti support build guide. Elemental skill skyward sonnet. Support s job is to make dps.

Wir zeigen euch starke teams. Genshin impact venti support build guide by. 1 1 wie ihr fischl in genshin impact nutzt 1 2 fischls beste builds 1 3 beste artefakt sets für fischl 1 4 fischls talente in der übersicht 1 5 fischls sternbilder 1 6 items die ihr für den.

Genshin impact venti build. Strongest team builds strongest pyro team. Each team has 4 different characters to choose from.

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