Genshin Impact Fragments Near Geo Statues Locations

Activating them in the correct order will give the players incomplete fragments. To save your time i am sharing what you have to do to solve this puzzle.

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For the geo statues the order is.

Genshin impact fragments near geo statues locations. Also read genshin impact the chi of guyun. In one of the quests in genshin impact you will come across some statues. Here s a quick guide how to locate for the fragments and the sequence of activating the statues.

The final part after entering the vault is quite diffi. Here s how to complete the geo puzzle in genshin impact which is part of the quest. One of genshin impact s world quests tasks players with switching on a bunch of statues in a specific order.

Helping you beat any game find any item or discover any collectible. Both locations have several statues to interact with. North south north west.

Geo statues genshin impact search for fragments near geo statue ruins locations guide in this guide i will show where to search and find the fragments near g. They are called geo statues which are pointing towards a collectible. Genshin impact liben location guide.

Please click on the little clog to slow the video down if nee. This is a confusing puzzle and might take a long time to pick the right statue. That is what i am here to achieve in the shortest time possible.

To start the puzzle go to the highest part of the qingce village to search the fragments. To solve this puzzle you have to search for fragments near geo statues. The players have been asking about genshin impact liben location for a long time now.

Stuck on where to find the location of the second fragment for the geo statue. Also read genshin impact widsith s base and secondary stats that you must check out. Genshin impact puzzles search for fragments near the geo statues puzzle fragmentsneargeostatues genshinimpactabout this game explore a vast world of advent.

Full guide to find fragments near geo statues. This is because the makers introduced a new marvelous merchandise event that required the. Genshin impact how to search for fragments near geo statues during the dialogue of the quest scripture in the centre there a riddle to solve which gives.

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