Genshin Impact Anemoculus Stormterror

Make use of this fully interactive map with a checker to keep track of which anemoculus anemo oculus orbs you ve obtained here. Summon an airvent to reach it.

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Full interactive map anemoculus locations map.

Genshin impact anemoculus stormterror. Use the airvent in the area to reach the anemoculus. Destroy the rock to find the anemoculus inside. There are many different things to do throughout genshin impact players are able to complete a multitude of different story and side missions or even go up against a range of powerful enemies throughout the world.

Fly from the cliff to reach the anemoculus. Once you break dvalin s shield he will lie on the platform giving you a chance to attack. So to help you find all the anemoculus i ve put.

The thing is there are 65 genshin impact anemoculus locations to find well technically 66 but i ll explain how you get that other one later. Located on an island way out in the water the only way to get there is to use. Glide from a high place to reach it.

If you have mostly melee characters you can climb up onto his neck to be able to reach and attack the purple crystal. Tap the icons on the map to record the status of each. Just walk along the cliff until you see the star icon show on the map glide and hug the wall as soon as you can.

All anemoculus locations in genshin impact as alluded to above worshiping statues of the seven requires you to make an offering but the gods are fussy when it comes to what they ll take. Burn the thorns to be able to climb the stone pillar. This one is a bit of a doozy and the most out of the way anemoculus in the game.

Located in a tree. Genshinimpact mihoyo join our discord server for genshin impact https discord gg x7bqdp5 follow me on twitch https www twitch tv cvddlez and facebook g. Beware of the hilichurl camps nearby.

Check out this full anemoculus locations map for genshin impact. Remote island east of starsnatch cliff source. The northernmost anemoculus location in genshin impact s map this one can be found by leaping right off the cliff and climbing over to the anemoculus clinging to the rock face.

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