Genshin Impact Noctilucous Jade Quest Zhongli

You can purchase it from the jade shop in liyue harbor. Diese wird unter anderem dafür genutzt dass ihr charaktere und waffen sowie ausrüstungsgegenstände verbessern könnt.

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Farewell the archaic lord.

Genshin impact noctilucous jade quest zhongli. There is a road leading through the area you will find the blue gem like stones directly next to the road. Farewell the archaic lord. With that head southeast towards.

To verify that the jade is of high quality you need to test it. 3 4 after putting the everlasting incense in place. Where to find noctilucous jade in genshin impact it s to the west near qiongji estuary.

Talk to the person running the shop. You meet zhongli at a restaurant called third round knockout listening to a story told by iron tongue tian as you listen the camera pans to ningguang looking out over liyue harbor from her jade palace iron tongue tian s story is about ningguang. One of it is to buy the best grade noctilucous jade.

Zhōnglí is an upcoming playable character in genshin impact. The next sub quest is moonfinger. Noctilucous jade ist in genshin impact ein seltenes aber wichtiges mineral um den charakter und die ausrüstung zu verbessern.

To conduct the rite of parting you have to do many things. 3 2 after repairing the ballista. He first appears as a worker at wangsheng funeral parlor in chapter 1 act ii.

Guizhong is the sixth part in the teyvat storyline archon quests chapter 1 act 2. 1 summary 2 steps 3 dialogue 3 1 after finding the ballista. Genshin impact quest zhongli s treat wait untill the appointed time 18 00 23 00 ps4 players set the time between 18 00 23 00 and restart the game.

3 3 after returning to bubu pharmacy. In einer konkreten quest bekommen spieler die noctilucous jade als handel eingeführt. Farewell the archaic lord.

4 achievements after securing the kites and other materials necessary for the rite of. Kinda busy lately discord. Zhongli then informs you that you need to find workers to help.

He says that she. Now that the noctilucous jade and perfume have been prepared for the rite of parting zhongli informs you that the next step is to get some kites. Zhongli s treat is the seventh part in the teyvat storyline archon quests chapter 1 act 2.

Childe shows up and gives you a huge bag of mora containing 50 000 mora and pays for the kites. Trying to catch up this game. That s east of wangshu inn which is a long distance south west of mondstadt.

He meets you at granny shan s toy shop where you chat about the workmanship of the kites. Genshin impact moonfinger walkthrough go and buy noctilucous jade we are now to buy noctilucous jade and basically help zhongli prepare for the rite of parting.

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