Windrise Windfall Genshin Impact Map

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Genshin Impact And This Treasure Goes To Walkthrough

Genshin impact world quests windrise windfall the recent storms have been affecting business at dawn winery so elzer is trying his best to come up with.

Windrise windfall genshin impact map. To find the statue of the seven location in dawn winery in genshin impact you should basically start from the statue in windrise and head west. The information on this page or in this section is based on version 1 0. How to unlock world quests.

Find out a list of all available world quests locations how to unlock and more. This section of the map won t open. When you get to a more elevated area look to the west and try to find the red beacon shooting into the sky.

Speak to elzer who s located inside dawn winery. Unlocks as the story. Check out archon quests here.

So that s where you can find windwheel aster in genshin impact. That s basically the best way to navigate to the statue since you ll be going into uncharted waters. White iron chunk jueyun chili silk flower.

Raise your adventure rank. How to unlock world quest. For example there s valberry map location philanemo mushroom map location and dawn winery statue of seven location.

Genshin impact windrise windfall walkthrough. If you enjoy my videos and would like to catch me play live games please give me a f. Talk to npcs with an exclamation point.

The loop games do you like this video. This video shows how to complete windrise windfall quest in genshin impact game. Frankoi plays genshinimpact mmorpg newgame2020 i stream on facebook.

The recent storms have been affecting business at dawn winery so elzer is trying his best to come up with ideas to get things back in order. If you need further help with the game we ve got a bunch of other guides for you to check out. Read this genshin impact guide to learn more about world quests.

Genshin impact windwheel aster locations. Here you can see windrise windfal.

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