Genshin Impact Weapon Enhance Guide

Lisa does belong to the support role but inflicts good damage too. Best weapon build for lisa in genshin impact.

Genshin Impact Enhance Weapon Tutorial Guide Beginner Youtube

Genshin impact lisa build.

Genshin impact weapon enhance guide. Old or undesired weapons and enhancement gems found either out in the world or crafted at the blacksmith are used to enhance weapons so don t be afraid to loot everything you see. This collection of basic info and tips will help you understand why each weapon has a place in the game and where each one has value. Basic weapon guide here s a handy guide to help you understand the different weapon types in genshin impact in and out of combat.

Go to each weapon type s page bows. Dan considine 2020 10 06 no comments 0 likes guides. This is a guide on how to refine and enhance weapons in genshin impact.

Once you have the materials to enhance your weapon enter the character menu then select weapon for the character whose armament you wish to bolster. Use 1 2 stars weapon to enhance your weapons. Check out other ways to get stronger here genshin impact related articles latest guides.

Read on to know how to increase your weapon 39 s base damage ascend weapons and more. Currently there are 5 different types of weapons in genshin impact and each character is only able to wield one weapon type. Best weapon artifact notes 1 lisa role.

Weapons in genshin impact are equipment that assists the player during their quests by helping them deal damage to the enemies. The build focuses on improving lisa s elemental burst which is one of her best abilities improvement as a supportive role. However they can be used as fodder to upgrade your stronger weapons.

Check out this genshin impact artifacts guide. Find out about artifacts artifact sets locations exp events enhancing and upgrading artifacts how to get artifacts farming. Support notes 2 lisa build.

Check out ascension guide here. In genshin impact your weapons will rise in power and level when you enhance them so it s important to keep the ones you like up to date. 2020 under video game tips.

Posted by ravi sinha on 30th oct. A fully enhanced 3 star weapon can be stronger than a 4 star weapon. Genshin impact guide how to enhance and ascend weapons here are the different locations for weapon materials.

1 2 star weapons normally have near useless stats.

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