Genshin Impact Electro Hypostasis Location

The fatui electro cincin mage s 11 different possible locations in genshin impact the 11 different locations that the fatui electro cicin mage can be found at are the following. The electro hypostasis is an elite boss in the mondstadt region located in a circular arena like structure just south of cape oath.

How To Fight Electro Hypostasis Boss Genshin Impact Youtube

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Genshin impact electro hypostasis location. Luckily we ve prepared this guide to know how to exactly defeat electro hypostasis in genshin impact so if you ve been struggling with the boss battle here s how you can defeat her. Dunyu ruins south of tianqiu valley. Elemental hypostases have developed defensive mechanisms based on their elemental attributes.

Find electro hypostasis s location split healing respawn time weakness guide last phase and more on how to beat. It takes the appearance of a large cube with a glowing core at its center and cannot take damage when its shell is intact. It can only be damaged when the core is exposed by itself.

Genshin impact has a special type of artifact set which is one of the best in providing support as it can increase the damage output of a team s ranged support characters. One of the best features of this set is that it rewards the support characters when they are swapped for using their elemental burst. How to defeat electro hypostasis in genshin impact.

Electro hypostasis in genshin impact is a boss that can be really hard to beat if you re not aware of the attack patterns and knowing when to attack. Hope this was helpful. Read on to learn strategies location drops and the recommended party to defeat electro hypostasis.

It can also be considered as an enhancement type artifact. Tianqiu valley just west of the luhua pool southwest of cuijue slope southeast of nantianmen. View interactive map electro hypostasis is the second world boss most genshin impact players come across.

Found in what looks like a purpose built battlefield it s found close to the spiral abyss. A high purity electro entity. 28th 2020 cached article comments article 67450.

This is a guide on how you can beat the electro hypostasis boss in the game genshin impact. In this short video i ll be showing you how to quickly kill electro hypostasis in genshin impact. Elemental hypostases are the highest forms of elemental structures usually formed either at a location bursting with elemental energy or at a clogged ley lines.

Check out how to beat electro hypostasis in genshin impact.

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