Genshin Impact Liyue Shrine Locations

The second shrine is near the cecilia garden in wolvendom on the south side from the teleportation portal over a huge wall. Blue in color or a golden colored liyue shrine of depth key depending on the regions.

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Each region of genshin impact s map has 10 shrine of depths so finding every shrine especially in the more puzzle centric liyue map can be difficult.

Genshin impact liyue shrine locations. These are unlocked by using a specific mondstadt shrine of depth key i e. Genshin impact october 16 2020 by borut udovic there are a lot of prehistoric structures you can find in genshin impact. Genshin impact shrine locations.

Shrine of depths locations in liyue. To find each shrine in genshin impact use the above map to pinpoint their locations. Genshin impact s mysterious shrine of depths are ominous obelisks scattered around the world.

In order to open them you ll need special keys. By rpg site staff on 01 october 2020. For example the shrines of depths are structures which sealed themselves once the civilization that built them got extinct.

The first shrine can be found near brightcrown canyon just a little towards the north from the teleportation portal. They can be found all over mondstadt and liyue but the problem is that they re locked. Each one holds the simple reward of a luxurious chest filled to the brim with 1 4 star equipment.

Shrines of depths are locations you can visit in genshin impact. Here are the locations for all the shrine of depths in the mondstadt region of genshin impact. There are lots of locations to visit and explore in genshin imapct but.

All shrine of depths mapped plus how to open them. By angelz in games nintendo switch pc ps4 in genshin impact there are certain shrines also known as shrine of depths located in the wide map. The shrine is located to the south of the plateau with a pond that can be seen on the map.

These treasure troves contain luxurious chests which reward whoever opens them with primogems weapons artifacts and sigils. And for more help in your resource hunting check out this super handy resource tracking tool.

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