Stormbearer Mountains Genshin Impact Valberry

The location of valberry is shown in the map below marked by the player location blue. They are literally scattered around the entire mountains but the tree that i am talking about has four of them.

Valberry Location Spot Farm Route At Stormbearer Mountains Genshin Impact Youtube

In fact the fruit s in game description says exactly that.

Stormbearer mountains genshin impact valberry. Where to get valberry location. Learn where to find and how to use it its rarity and effects and everything you need to know about valberry here. It s a small berry that you want to save to use to ascend particular characters in your group notably for.

Valberry is used for the following weapon ascensions. Valberry locations in genshin impact to find the elusive valberry you ll need to head over to the stormbearer mountains which is due northeast of mondstadt. Screenshots of locations are in the gallery section.

Valberry is a small berry plant that you can find in specific locations in genshin impact. In order to spot them look out for berries with a light pink hue. Where to find chloris to purchase valberry.

Valberry is a local specialty of mondstadt and you can find it in the wild or on the stormbearer mountains. It may be easier to go to the stormbearer mountains. Valberry is an item in genshin impact.

Used in both noelle and lisa s ascension this item is absolutely crucial for anyone who wants to use these characters in their party. The closest teleport point to the area. If you re wondering where stormbearer mountains are and haven t explored it yet you ll find it to the northeast side of the map.

No results valberry is used for the following character ascensions. They can be found in the wild on. A plump and translucent berry that has a fragrant smell and a sweet refreshing taste.

Valberry is an item in local specialty material of genshin impact. The valberry locations in genshin impact are spread all over the stormbearer mountains. Here s where to find the valberry how to harvest it and what items it s currently used for.

The exact location is stormbearer mountains just north of the starfell lake around mondstadt. No results add a photo to this gallery. One such item is the valberry which is located in the northern region of genshin impact s world.

Valberry in genshin impact can be found in multiple locations spread across stormbearer mountains. In the past the watchers of the storms found solace in the sweetness of the fruit and the hope for the city s security. Stormbearer mountains is north of mondstadt.

1 location 2 craft usage 3 character ascension usage 4 weapon ascension usage 5 gallery valberries can be found in the wild on stormbearer mountains and stormbearer point. When you are in the mountains you can easily find valberries in genshin impact beside a tree.

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