Genshin Impact Keqing Build Crit

Wir erklären euch in diesem guide wie ihr alle. By aether in october 26 2020 october 26 2020.

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The main focus will be doing a deep dive into the various builds.

Genshin impact keqing build crit. This effect lasts for 8s. As listed on the elements page each element will have a different reaction when used together. Resolution of sojourner 2 set and even martial artist 2 set bonuses are good placeholders instead of brave heart as well.

Best keqing build in genshin impact keqing is a sword wielding electro five star character in genshin impact. To achieve this you will need keqing in ascension level 4 for her passive talent aristrocratic dignity. Both keqing s abilities scales with atk.

Last updated on october 26. She is literally the most weeb character. Throws a electro kunai.

If it hits. If you re in dire need of an electro hero for your team composition keqing is a safe bet. Keqing s abilities all scale off of the atk stat and they deal a ton of damage.

Lion s roar keqing best weapon build in genshin impact. Get keqing s burst ready to use. Genshin impact keqing dps build guide.

Elemental skill stellar restoration. Dps are glorified firework shows and your team is just there to help ignite the firework. Just as how you can run dps fischl with physical dmg crit the same applies for this build.

This keqing guide will briefly go over her skills mechanics weapons and artifacts. Dps notes 2 keqing build focus. While almost every team can get through most of genshin impact s content there are simple team building rules that will help you improve your performance significantly.

I recommend keeping berserker 2 set bonus as keqing s 4th. Genshin impact keqing build a few things to note down before you check out keqing build. Rule 1 elemental reactions.

Boosts keqing s dps best weapon build for keqing in genshin impact recommended best weapons for keqing. When casting starward sword keqing s crit rate is increased by 15 and her energy recharge is increased by 15. Understanding how elements combine is an essential part of the game.

Die quest der pfad im tianqiu tal beinhaltet knifflige rätsel und harte kämpfe in genshin impact. In this guide i m going to show you how to obtain a permanent 15 crit rate and 15 energy recharge buff keqing in genshin impact. Notes 1 keqing role.

Keqing has the highest single target charged attack dps in the game. Teleports behind you nothing personal kid if it were a character. Steps to enable this glitch.

This build turns keqing into a crit machine taking advantage of the boost to crit dmg she gets with every ascension level. Superconduct for instance. If you want a build that utilizes keqing s skill burst swaps out for thundering fury and try to roll for electro dmg.