Genshin Impact Mona Build

Best weapon build for mona in genshin impact. As a more common set the exile set is great for increasing mona s elemental recharge by 20.

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Genshin impact mona build.

Genshin impact mona build. She pretty much said why use my legs when i have magic and just swims around everywhere she fast af boy. Including how to get mona voice actor ascend materials talents best artifacts weapons and more. Passive illusory torrent.

Here s how to unlock it and get her. This is her passive. Best weapon artifact for her a few things to note down before you check out mona build.

Genshin impact builds main dps mona weapon and artifacts build guide. The noblesse oblige set is great for people who want to focus on increasing elemental burst dmg. Here s what adventure rank you need to be.

This one will star mona. Mona is one of the most important genshin impact characters who is excellent in making the dps units a lot stronger. Read on to know more about how to build mona in genshin impact.

Boosts energy recharge to use elemental burst ability quickly or boost elemental burst ability directly. Notes 1 mona role. Genshin impact is adding another story quest well ahead of its next big patch.

Mona just build different bro. She can use this across. With the release of genshin impact s update 1 1 a new quest has been added to the game starring mona.

Check out this genshin impact guide on mona s skills and build. Genshin impact mona dps build guide. Unlike some of the other best characters in genshin impact mona is extremely flexible in this regard.

Other characters stamina drain 25 s when they run. There are many other characters who excel at different jobs like support attack defence and more. Dps support notes 2 mona build focus.

Both mona s abilities scale with atk.

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