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Hero s wit is an item in character exp material of genshin impact. Set the elemental bait.

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Genshin impact wiki hero. The history of the troupe has been lost. How to get hero s wit. Talk to huffman outside the knights of favonius headquarters.

Temple of the lion talk to diluc. Ask the bystanders at the fountain plaza for information. Collect mist flower corolla from beside the water 0 4.

Though suffering from moth damage and heavy wear and tear there is still much power to be found among the hand written words within. New horizons switch wiki guide. The young hero s first battle ended and for the first time he tasted the sweet wine of victory.

Enter the abyss order stronghold. Lawrence isn t one of the knights of favonius ask the preoccupied girl for information. 1 how to obtain 2 progression 2 1 leveling 2 2 ascensions 2 3 constellations 3 playable characters 3 1 upcoming 4 non playable characters 5 manga original characters 6 navigation characters can primarily be obtained by using primogems to purchase intertwined fates or acquaint fates to perform wishes gacha pulls.

On the eve of battle he advised his childhood friend and long time deputy to come drink with. Give 4 mist flower corolla to diluc. Go to dawn winery.

Three houses fe3h guide. Wait until night 19 00 6 00. Many years later when the cataclysm came he led the knights to fight for his homeland.

Place the elemental. Huffman will appear in the tavern pose as a customer and speak to diluc. Fire emblem heroes feh guide walkthrough wiki.

Ff7 remake guide walkthrough wiki. Go to dawn winery. Go to the abyss order stronghold.

Genshin impact is about to drop a preview of patch 1 1 some time soon and ahead of that they have given us a sneak preview of who the next banner hero is going to be a new character introduced. Ask charles about the recent rumors. These experiences are extremely precious for a pilgrim traveling through teyvat in order to be closer to celestia.

Margaret might be wealthy ask the guards around the city gate for more information. Pokémon sword and shield guide walkthrough wiki. 1 description 2 notes 3 ascensions 4 trivia 5 navigation a heavy notebook filled with musical scores.

Npc who offer clues. That day deep of the vine he drank together with his closest friend supportive joyful and blissfully ignorant. Donna has a pyro vision wander mondstadt at night.

Go to the tavern. Wild hunt guide walkthrough wiki. Genshin impact guide walkthrough wiki.

Genshin impact wiki is a fandom games community. A notebook that was shared among the members of the wanderer s troupe. Furnish diluc with the information.

Npc who offer clues. Tell diluc about the war declaration. It contains musical scores and travel journals.

Amber kaeya and lisa can be obtained for free early in. A special domain will appear just for this quest called cipher for the ciphertext recommended party level 23 diluc will join your party for this domain. Npc who offer clues.

Hero s wit gives20 000 exp.


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