Genshin Impact Get Characters Back From Expedition

While setting up a party for the spiral abyss the player can use a character that s on an expedition without recalling them. Amber kaeya and lisa can be obtained for free early in.

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As you play the game you ll also unlock additional areas to dispatch characters to so be sure to continue pushing the main narrative.

Genshin impact get characters back from expedition. A player can recall a character from an expedition from within the party setup menu or at the adventurer s guild. Recalling a character early will forfeit any rewards so plan accordingly. Completing some missions story missions in particular will reward you with characters.

How to get characters complete missions. If you bring a character back before the expedition has been completed you will not only get no rewards but the timer will reset. 1 how to obtain 2 progression 2 1 leveling 2 2 ascensions 2 3 constellations 3 playable characters 3 1 upcoming 4 non playable characters 5 manga original characters 6 navigation characters can primarily be obtained by using primogems to purchase intertwined fates or acquaint fates to perform wishes gacha pulls.

How to get new characters in genshin impact. Acquaint fates is the in game currency that you can use to buy banners and wishes in the game. Genshin impact guides while you can only have four characters in your party at any one time this does not mean that your other characters will be sitting around doing nothing.

The game features a massive gorgeous map an elaborate elemental combat system engaging storyline characters co op game mode soothing soundtrack and much more for you to explore. Some wishes are always. This is what makes the game a gacha game.

Keep a couple of things in mind. Here s how to get new characters in genshin impact. R genshin impact this is the official community for genshin impact 原神 the latest open world action rpg developed by mihoyo.

You can send them. New characters in genshin impact are acquired through wishes. In the chance you want to switch expedition characters you should call them back as soon as possible.

For instance you can buy a maximum of 20 beginner banners. All the banners will grant you something important either a character. Players can send out characters that they are not using to the world on so called expeditions these characters are then able to bring back either materials or mora as a reward.

Calling back a character resets the timer. The primary way to get more characters is by using the wish feature. Wishes allow you to exchange special currency in exchange for a random reward which can include a new character.

The final way to get characters in genshin impact is by buying banners and wishes. Depending on the banners you buy you can unlock several characters in genshin impact. These characters might not be the best but they are still pretty great on their own.

You can recall a character at any time so they are not locked to whatever expedition you dispatched them on. The longer the mission the more items a character will acquire and certain characters in genshin impact come with perks that make them better at expeditions. Regardless we ve got your back with everything you need to know about wishes and summons.

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