Genshin Impact Character Unlock Screen

While these are the only two of the seven elements that players can obtain right now the developers have stated that they intend to make the main character able to harness all of the elements. Below is an overview of how these different methods work in genshin impact.

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Playing through the story unlocks a few starter characters that you can use to fill up your party and start progressing through the game.

Genshin impact character unlock screen. Starter characters include amber kaeya and lisa all of which are obtainable through the archon quests. There are a few ways to unlock characters in genshin impact. This is a kind of floor based dungeon where you ll take your squad.

Players can also unlock geo abilities which can be used for combat and travel. The event tasks players to reach level 20 before the update 1 1 goes live. The main methods are by playing through the story and using wishes.

Because of this she s extremely useful and players can unlock her once they reach adventurer rank 20 as long as they ve created their accounts before patch 1 1 comes out in november. Completing the task of the event will grant players a barbara character for free. If we re to go by the chinese pc open beta of the game there are a total of 23 playable characters to unlock in the game.

These are the main missions wishes and limited time events. To celebrate the release of the game mihoyo is conducting several events and participating in them and completing them can give you some limited time characters. At this point paimon will end up.

First there s barbara who is a hydro type catalyst user who is capable of healing the party. There are a few different ways to unlock characters in genshin impact. For example there is a beginner event going on that can give barbara character to players.

At the beginning of genshin impact players are given anemo or wind abilities which they can use in combat. The next way to unlock characters in genshin impact is by participating in events. These four characters make up the default party of genshin impact and can be found very early on but there are a few other characters that can be obtained for free much later.

Once you hit adventure rank 20 you ll unlock the spiral abyss. Xiangling is the hardest free character to get in genshin impact.

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