Genshin Impact Character Combination

Below is a list of the various elemental combos you can execute in genshin impact. Barbara healer jean healer keqing dps mona support xiangling dps support xiao dps.

Genshin Impact How To Activate All Combo Effects

As mentioned above you can cause elemental reactions by combining two or more elements.

Genshin impact character combination. Units are evaluated at constellation 0 and by their preferred roles. Blizzard cryo anemo bypass enemy defenses. Genshin impact best characters tier list.

Burn dendro pyro inflicts pyro damage over time. Diluc dps fischl support qiqi healer venti support. Bennett dps support chongyun dps klee dps razor dps traveler anemo support traveler geo.

1 how to obtain 2 progression 2 1 leveling 2 2 ascensions 2 3 constellations 3 playable characters 3 1 upcoming 4 non playable characters 5 manga original characters 6 navigation characters can primarily be obtained by using primogems to purchase intertwined fates or acquaint fates to perform wishes gacha pulls. Genshin impact the open world free to play adventure game from mihoyo is now out for playstation 4 pc ios and android. As you adventure through the world you meet and collect a variety of characters each with their own elemental affinity.

However you can switch to the geo earth spells once you ve. Amber kaeya and lisa can be obtained for free early in. Crystalize geo cryo electro hydro or pyro grants a crystal shield.

They might have the ability to create massive gusts of wind or douse your enemies with water. Regardless of the gender you choose the traveler will use anemo wind spells. Your main character in genshin impact is the traveler.

Tiers are ordered alphabetically.

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