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Players can find books just about anywhere but some are given by npcs after talking to them or as a reward for quests or simply bought from shops. Go to the wanwen bookhouse in liyue harbor ask jifang about the travel guide go to qingce village and visit chang the ninth talk to chang the ninth look for xingqiu after he left with the book defeat the attacking fatui xingqui can be used as a trial character for this fight enemies.

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There are numerous books found within genshin impact that feature short fantasy stories or reveal history and lore about the world of teyvat.

Genshin impact wiki books. This wiki is an english resource for information about the global version of the game. This version of the magic guide generated much controversy when published. Information from the previous beta tests may appear on wiki.

A reprint featuring corrections to version 11 and brand new additions based on recent developments. Genshin impact is an open world action rpg developed and published by mihoyo for pc ios android and ps4 platforms. Principles of the anemo element errors can also be observed even concerning the basic principles of the hydro and electro elements.

View mobile site. Currently there are 116 books on the wiki. Please read the community page before editing.

Guide to ballad is used for leveling talents for the following 4 characters. 2 treasure hoarder scouts 1 fatui electro cicin mage. Genshin impact wiki is a fandom games community.

The game is free to play with a gacha monetization system in the form of wishes. In addition to the defiance of basic common sense seen in chapter vii.

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