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Amber kaeya and lisa can be obtained for free early in the main storyline archon quests some characters may also be purchased from the monthly paimon s bargains shop in exchange for masterless starglitter. Standard wish weapon event wish and character event wish act as three categories of wish for a total of three stored wish guarantee counters.

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Genshin impact uses a gacha system to recruit new playable characters like many party based mobile games.

Next character event wish genshin impact. Check out this gacha guide for genshin impact to learn which wish banner to roll. What gets me is that xingqiu is a featured character on the next two upcoming banners i want to get more noelle but i don t really care for klee so idk what i want to do in that regard for the next banner. Wishes allow you to exchange special currency in exchange for a random reward which can include a new character.

After all the entire game is about collecting and powering up your characters and the first step to doing so is obviously obtaining them. Characters can primarily be obtained by using primogems to purchase intertwined fates or acquaint fates to perform wishes gacha pulls. How to get new characters in genshin impact new characters in genshin impact are acquired through wishes.

The event wish can also contain the characters and items that standard wishes do. These do not reset. For the list of current past wishes see here.

14 days from this post if you ve used 50 pulls on venti s banner then the next character event wish will grant you a guaranteed 5 character after 40 wishes. Some wishes are always available while others are only available for a limited time. New banners are oftentimes one of the most exciting things about gacha games like genshin impact.

Zhongli 5 star polearm geo first off is zhongli a 5 star geo element. Four new characters coming to genshin impact have been leaked but as always take all of this with a pinch of salt as we currently don t have a source for this information. This guide will tell you all you need to know about unlocking new characters in genshin impact.

That said if you want a specific character or item that the. Since event wishes are a limited time unless you do not want the current event characters or items the event wish is usually the better option. 1 availability 2 promotional character wish 2 1 rules 3 promotional weapon wish 3 1 rules 4 masterless items 5 guides 6 see also 7 navigation there is always one standard wish which uses acquaint fate and one or two event wishes running that use intertwined fate within the wishes menu.

Nevertheless the community has been saying that mihoyo has a habit of leaking their own patch information to build up hype for upcoming content. In this genshin impact guide we re going to look at all of the past banners and hazard a guess at what s going to be in upcoming banners. The line of text from the details page is intended to inform players.

I m glad you enjoy that dude s body of work cr14son hope you get xiao quickly when his banner rolls around. Here s a look at how wishes banner and pity impact it. Includes gacha s price cost system rates which characters to summon and banner schedule.

Sabermaniac it s always possible they d have two character banners running. Wishes banners are the gacha system in genshin impact.

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