Genshin Impact Dandelion Seeds Farm

Dandelion seed is one of the many plants you can collect in genshin impact. One of the many items is dandelion seeds and it s very useful.

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Genshin impact dandelion seeds farming guide.

Genshin impact dandelion seeds farm. That said these seeds are a highly valuable resource in the game and in this guide we will show you all of the locations where you can find these seeds and what you can do with them. Dandelion seeds are very beneficial for players in genshin impact. Players can also ascend the character jean with the help of these seeds.

Unlike some other ascension related plants your only option for getting your hands on a dandelion seed or several is to seek them out. 3 character ascension usage. Players can collect the seeds to get their hands on the daily commission.

How to collect dandelion seeds in genshin impact. With the help of the seeds the players can increase the outgoing anemo damage and decrease the incoming anemo damage. And how to read books in genshin impact as bonus watch the entire video to get an extra bonus footage.

They can be found all throughout the map in various places but there are some set areas. Dandelion seeds have a lot of uses in genshin impact but players will first need to find and collect them. Here s where to find dandelion seed in genshin impact.

Dandelion seeds are also used as ingredients in anemo magic potions. These wind based flowers need to be broken with wind attacks. 4 weapon ascension usage.

Dandelion seed genshin impact the wind and the star traveler blow seed off a dandelion using anemo genshin impact community http bit ly guidegi check othe. With all of the different items and characters in genshin impact there s a lot to worry about. It s a character ascension material specific to jean.

So to help you find this useful crafting item we ve laid out the best places to look for the item. Where to get dandelion seed in genshin impact. Dandelion plants are located within the mondstadt region and most notably near the mondstadt gates.

A total of 186 seeds are required to ascend jean. If you re trying to ascend jean to the maximum level it s a good idea to start farming your dandelion seeds in advance. Dandelions are only found in a few places across teyvat but there are often multiple plants in one spot for you to get dandelion seeds from.

With the help of the locations guide given. Dandelion seeds are a local specialty item that can be harvested from dandelion plants. Genshin impact dandelion seed locations farm guide.

Dandelion seeds are dropped after using an anemo. Dandelion seeds in genshin impact are an item needed for several different recipes commissions ascensions and they are also required to complete a quest. Genshin impact dandelion seed locations how to farm this plant guide in this guide i will show you few locations for dandelion seed and how to farm this plan.

Best places to find dandelion seed. The easiest place to pick up some. Luckily we have a map of all the locations so you can easily farm them.

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