Genshin Impact Side Quests Locations Map

These are the quests you ll receive to progress the storyline of genshin impact. I have finish all the story and hidden quest collect all geoculus anemoculus chest.

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Tap the icons on the map to record the status of each.

Genshin impact side quests locations map. Completing the quest will reward you with a 5 star artifact. Genshin impact interactive map work in progress. Check out this full anemoculus locations map for genshin impact.

Nine pillars of peace world quest walkthrough and rewards. Archon quests story quests world quests and commissions go to each page for more details and a list of quests of that type. There are 9 stone of remembrance to collect.

Full interactive map anemoculus locations map. Check out our story walkthrough for more information on archon quests. Story quests consists of chapters related to the background and.

Archon quests tell the main story of the traveler and paimon as they travel the world of teyvat in search of the traveler s missing twin sibling. Needed to complete nine pillars of peace quest. There are 4 types of quests in genshin impact.

Fully interactive map with a checker to keep track of which geoculus geo oculus orbs you ve obtained. A map to display treasure chests bosses shrines events anemoculus geoculus and challenges. Statue of the 7 9.

Do these quests not only for their. 8 different character here i made list of all hidden quest to all you guys. At late game u will need 2 build team for spiral abyss.

Make use of this fully interactive map with a checker to keep track of which anemoculus anemo oculus orbs you ve obtained here. Each time you level up the statue of the seven you will be awarded with a stone of remembrance used for the nine pillars of peace quest. For genshin impact on the playstation 4 a gamefaqs message board topic titled so where to you find side quests.

So i never intended to create a world map since i am not a good frontend developer but don t worry here is the solution. Use the progress tracker to find everything. Show all hide all.

Check out this full geoculus locations map for genshin impact. Find out a list of all available world quests locations how to unlock and more. There is plus 1 anemoculus that i found.

Read this genshin impact guide to learn more about world quests. Genshin impact all hidden quest location by. Not to be confused with archon quests story quests involve the party members you receive through the story or from wishes.

There is no content avaible after story quest ar 36. Genshin impact interactive map of teyvat all locations anemoculi geoculi waypoints chests quests more.

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