Genshin Impact Artifact Sets

This set maximizes the damage that can be dealt by the character in close range. Since characters are only able to equip 5 artifacts each character can only have the 2 and 4 piece bonus from one set or two 2 piece bonuses from two different sets.

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Only one form of elemental res can be gained in this manner at any one.

Genshin impact artifact sets. Equipping 2 or 4 different types of artifacts that belong to the same set gives a special bonus depending on the set. Max hp increased by 1 000. Upon obtaining a crystal created through a geo elemental reaction all party members gain 35 res to that particular element for 10s.

Geo dmg bonus 15. Genshin impact artifacts set list. Opening chest regenerates 30 max hp over 5s.

If you ve been playing genshin impact for a while now you ll know that artifact sets are the key to making truly excellent builds for maximum damage survivability ability effects and healing. You can change one piece to any artifact 4 stars and above that has additional atk crit or an elemental buff to the equipping character.

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