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Uchiyama kouki 内山昂輝 bennett. Toriume kohsuke 鳥海浩輔 barbara.

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Genshin impact voice actors english paimon. Kito akari 鬼頭明里 razor. In order to update the values below go to the character s page and update the character infobox template parameters. Sorry to resurrect that thread.

Voice actor jp amber. Problem is i ve actually absorbed very little english dubbed material as most of the things i m interested in are japanese only. To this day some of their sounds and voice lines are still of the old voice actors.

Before the cast is set in stone and every voice line is replaced they probably wanted to wait to announce anything. She is currently representing genshin impact and is on the genshin impact app website and social media icons. Either way here s a few guesses from a limited pool of roles i ve heard these actors in.

Venti this is most definitely colleen o shaughnessey based on tails from sonic the hedgehog. Learn how to change language here. Iwami manaka 石見舞菜香 lisa.

She met the traveler by being fished out of a lake in which she mentions she would ve drowned if not being fished out. Genshin impact paimon voice actor genshin impact has an enormous cast loaded up with beguiling and puzzling characters and huge numbers of them are completely voiced. 2 the japanese dub was for a long time used as one of the main selling points of genshin impact which makes sense for such an anime game.

While engineer mihoyo has its underlying foundations immovably set in china the worldwide allure of genshin impact implies that it will incorporate different dialects with 13. Paimon is a non playable character in genshin impact and accompanies the traveler throughout their adventure in teyvat as their guide. As of october 13 2020 there has been no official announcement from mihoyo about the english.

This one is so obvious i legit can only. These incorporate the playable characters which ought to be more than 30 when that the game formally delivers in the not so distant future. I was watching a cbt stream of the game and paimon sounds a lot like mizuki from ai.

This data is pulled from the character infobox on each character page. Chinese based game studio mihoyo is finally revealing who the english voice actors are for the hit anime game genshin impact. 38 points 29 days ago edited 24 days ago.

Voice actors of 5 star characters. So take these with a grain of salt. The tables below list the voice actors actresses for each character some are npcs.

Tanaka rie 田中理恵 kaeya. You can even have your text and voice at different languages if you want to. Genshin impact japanese voice actor of our cute loli nurse do subscribe.

The somnium files to me and i was wanting to try and find out if it s the same voice actor. Genshin impacts gives players the choice to set their text voice languages however they want.

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