Genshin Impact Artifacts Main Stats

With that you can have a 3 star artifact with the main attribute being atk and another one that gives hp. 50 for hp and atk.

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Every 4 levels an artifact will unlock a new sub stat if it has less than 4 or upgrade an existing sub stat if it already has 4.

Genshin impact artifacts main stats. 5 artifact main stats. 20 for every other main stat. Thanks for everyone who sent us their screenshot in discord.

The main stat is determined by which type slot the artifact belongs to and the starting value is determined by the rarity of the artifact. In genshin impact flowers and plumes are guaranteed to have hp and atk as the main stat respectively. Every 4 levels an artifact gains a new sub stat if it has less than 4 or upgrades an existing one if it already has 4.

1 base stats 1 1 hp 1 2 attack 1 3 defense 2 damage calculation 2 1 attack power formula 2 2 enemy damage reduction. The following two artifact sets have a max rarity of five stars meaning they have better base stats. The base main stat going from a 4 star artifact to a 5 star artifact is increased by.

1 point 20 hours ago. But later on you get enough that spreading out into other stats is worth more. Along with the main stat artifacts can have up to 4 sub stats.

But apart from that the artifacts can range from a variety of buffs considering their rarity. Please also see the megadoc that we re building up. An artifact s sub stat can t be the same as the main stat.

An artifact s sub stat cannot be the same as the main stat. Log in or sign up to leave a comment log in sign up. Early on most of your atk bonuses comes from your artifacts main stat later on you gain a lot of atk from potentially ascensions weapons artifact sub stats and various other sources.

The base main stat going from a 3 star artifact to a 4 star artifact is increased by. Each artifact has a main stat and up 4 sub stats. Bloodstained chivalry 2 piece bonus is 25 to physical dmg.

2 points 6 days ago. 4 piece bonus is an increase to charged attack dmg by 50 and reduces stamina cost to 0 for 10 seconds after defeating an enemy. 11 162 for all main stats.

Early on the raw damage you gain from atk is more significant because you get so little of it. Dawn 1610 chibidash 8592 vibe checker 5502 royal jelly 1311. Genshin impact s combat and exploration are governed by character attributes that affect how often you can use your abilities how powerful they will be and your survivability.

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