Genshin Impact Liyue Harbor Souvenir Shop

In genshin impact there are shops known as souvenir shops which are the only places to get access to some specific items in the game. Souvenir shops do not restock.

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They offer many types of items.

Genshin impact liyue harbor souvenir shop. Continue reading to know some of these shop locations. Genshin impact souvenir shops there are two souvenir shops in genshin impact with wind comes glory in mondstadt and mingxing jewelry in liyue harbor. In addition whenever linlang tends to the shop she will also purchase certain unique items from the player in exchange for mora.

Genshin impact continues to give people reasons to head south as many people are wondering about the location of liyue harbor. Genshin impact souvenir shops mondstadt liryue mondstadt souvenir shop location the souvenir shop in mondstadt is called with wind comes glory and it is situated near the city gate. Where to find the souvenir shop in monstadt and liyue genshin impact players will need to locate a souvenir shop if they want to exchange their hard earned sigils for ascension.

At liyue there is a bank that you will get to through the main quest. Its the souvenir shop. Check the icon in map.

Chase the squirrel to. Find out recommended souvenir shop items priority items prices currency sold out reset. It s at the end of the alley you first step into after the gate on the right side right next to the square.

The first only accepts anemo sigils the second geo sigils. The xigu antiques is a shop found in liyue harbor. Some npcs in genshin impact serve as shops and will sell items to players.

Enter the bank and climb the stairs and open a chest to get 200 000 mora. Genshin impact guide to learn more about the best items to buy in the souvenir shop. The merchants will have a diamond floating above their heads that s how you can spot them.

Amongst these items some are used to level up the characters which include crystals like agnidus agate silver. The shop is tended by linlang between 22 30 and 06 00 and offers a variety of traveling doctor items for sale. These shops sell.

The holes when examined will release a squirrel that will run giving you 1 mora per second. These items are one time only sales and the items cannot be. The stock is replenished every 7 days.

The southern migrations this week has been driven by the search for. 1 special shops 2 general goods 3 restaurants 4 blacksmiths 5 other shops 5 1 food 5 2 artifacts 5 3 local specialties 5 4 other 6 navigation these shops take other currencies besides mora. Most shops will restock their wares every day.

As you explore liyue you will find holes in the ground.