Genshin Impact Character Builds Xiangling

The rest of the members literally only exist to make the dps look like a god. Performs up to 5 consecutive spear strikes.

The Best Xiangling Build In Genshin Impact Gamepur

Xiang ling s elemental blast can still be used as an excellent support for spreading fire across the battlefield.

Genshin impact character builds xiangling. Consumes a certain. A renowned chef from liyue. Genshin impact xiangling dps and support build guide.

She sits on a line between both dps and support depending on how you build her. Both xiangling s abilities scale with atk. Both fischl and venti are good archers.

That makes her incredibly useful in a variety of team comps which is probably why you re here. Xiangling s best character builds xiangling is one of the many playable characters in genshin impact. They can be.

She also loves food which means she s a great choice for cooking up food in genshin impact s overworld. Als teil des a tiers ist sie ein. She s extremely passionate about cooking and excels at making her signature hot and spicy dishes.

Genshin impact xiangling build guide. The build focuses on increasing dilyuk s already high damage. Overview skills passives constellations builds.

Focused on dealing strong fire damage. Also check our genshin impact recipes level up redeem codes guides. Best team pyro fire 1.

Genshin impact xiangling build overview how to get xiangling clear spiral abyss floor3 chapter 3. Genshin impact xiangling dps and support build guide. Diluc dps pyro build.

Tier s are the best characters check also their best builds best weapon and also artifact set. Fich venti for long distances. Learn about the best artifact sets for characters stats choosing stronger artifacts artifact tips and more.

A guide with the best character team builds in genshin impact. Xiangling gehört zu einem der stärkeren charaktere des pyro elements in genshin impact und kann euren gegnern im wahrsten sinne des wortes ordenllich einheizen. Xiangling may not be the most powerful character in genshin impact but she s certainly one of the best.

As a pyro user she can cause fire based damage to a single target or multiple enemies at once. Dps are the protagonists of your team. Xiangling is one of the 4 star grade characters in the genshin impact english global version.

Check out this artifact build guide for genshin impact. That belongs to dps and support class. All anemoculus locations it s worth remembering when building a character that you shouldn t focus only one a single hero but four each with their own elements and attributes.

Genshin impact tier list build tier s. She s also currently the only spear user so get this girl a spear bro. The bell or wolf s gravestone also crimsom witch of flames.

It would not be bad if you call her a pure dps class character based on the skills she has.

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