Genshin Impact Gift For Lisa Quest

This quest is seen in the library. While the decisions you make don t affect anything.

Genshin Impact Troublesome Work Quest Guide Best Gifts For Lisa Vacation Inspiration

You can however have a chat with her to get a hint what lisa would like.

Genshin impact gift for lisa quest. As you go about completing the quest you will end up visiting lots of stores and vendors with lisa and you can buy her a small gift at each one. The quest is called troublesome work. In the quest the player needs to track down lisa s book that she has rented but hasn t been returned to the library yet.

However the book has not been returned and is late. To get the best gift and souvenir for lisa during the troublesome. This guide on what souvenir gift to choose for lisa in genshin impact breaks down the different choices we made so hopefully you can make the correct choice depending on your ideal outcome.

There comes a point in the genshin impact story where lisa complains about overdue library books. One such quest given by the npc lisa is the troublesome work quest. Here is a guide of ideal gift choices and.

She asks you to help track down the person that rented the book and ask them to. There s an important thing to. The first part of the quest tasks you with choosing the best gifts for lisa and the second part requires you to get the lost book.

During a library book quest you get asked what gift to buy for lisa. When the players reach the store they are hinted by lisa to buy her a gift. Genshin impact is filled with quests that players will encounter across the storyline from various npcs in the game.

The quest is unlocked at knights of favonius headquarters in mondstadt when gamers talk to lisa. All anemoculus locations so here you are playing genshin impact when flirtatious mage lisa asks you to help her track down some overdue library books. Like any rpg genshin impact is filled with choice and one quest that gives you a lot of it is the troublesome work quest which asks you to choose a gift for lisa.

Every gift choice has a different outcome so the players need to be sure while choosing a gift for lisa to ensure the most ideal circumstances. Head to the souvenir shop and choose a gift for the flirty mage. Players will be offered a few options but the ragged old scroll is the best one considering lisa s job as a librarian.

The players will reach a store while trying to locate the missing book. When you visit marjorie the owner of the with wind. It seems like just another.

You don t even have to speak to marjorie to discover what the hidden options are. What is the best gift for lisa in genshin impact. Based on your dialogue choices however it actually kind of sort of becomes a date.

You meet lisa in the library and she offers to give you a book. The best gift and souvenir for lisa in genshin impact is the ragged old scroll. Lisa is a librarian and she loves historical artifacts as you might have gathered if you listened to what she says.

But i mean it s relatively obvious. It is a two step quest and can be confusing to complete. The gift for lisa in genshin impact from the souvenir shop in the troublesome work quest is the ragged scroll.

Naturally it s going to be your job to help her out around mondstadt chasing down villagers to get them back. Best gifts for lisa in troublesome work to begin this quest in genshin impact players can find lisa in the knights of favonious headquarters. So yeah just select the ragged scroll.

Lisa just dismisses it as youthful fantasies but then the game does go ahead and make you buy her a gift choose her food and get her flowers.

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