Genshin Impact Vaporize Damage

This poll is now closed. The best way to utilize vaporize is against enemies like slimes or abyss reapers with innate elements without the player applying one.

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The increased damage will only occur once per reaction.

Genshin impact vaporize damage. This guide will show you how to increase you. Zhenghan 2 weeks. Want to make your characters stronger and beat the hardest quests.

Want to do way more damage in genshin impact. Artifacts are found as players explore the world. Best artifact sets for attack damage in genshin impact.

Electro charged is currenlty showing unstable behavior in version 1 0 one of the consequences being the. This will increase their energy regeneration and damage output. 66 67 100 votes 100.

Topic what happened to smt v user info. Return to the top. To make the most out of your dungeon crawling you can bring up to a party of four with you each with their own elemental abilities.

Overloaded superconduct electrocharged shattered swirl. Both superconduct and frozen will proc lowering the target s resistance to physical damage and freezing them in place. Cancels out the elemental effects but deals out critical damage first.

Furthermore artifacts have randomized stats so it can be difficult to get exactly as desired. For players wishing to increase attack damage. Your other 2 characters should be support units that can apply other elemental debuffs with their skills for powerful elemental reactions.

Unlike overloaded electro charged superconduct and swirl the order of application is important pyro state on a target with hydro or hydro state on a target with pyro implying different damage multipliers. Vaporize is an elemental reaction and can be triggered by inflicting the hydro state on a target that is already affected by pyro or vice versa. I know most of yo.

Vaporize hydro pyro inflicts additional damage as you play genshin impact you ll come across temples which serve as dungeons that throw enemies and puzzles at you. Use hydro to put out pyro or the reverse. They come from defeating enemies completing quests and opening chests.

It is recommended to have 2 characters of the same type ideally your main and secondary damage dealers. In this video i ll show you how to maximize the damage of stellaris phantasm mona s elemental burst while explaining how vaporize works. Correctly synergising your party s elements is your key to success in genshin impact.

Kaioideiye 2 weeks ago 1. The pyro ability procs vaporize multiplying that ability s damage by 1 5 along with elemental mastery multiplier as well as overloaded. 33 33 50 votes 50.

They are currently absent from pulling wishes the game s gacha mechanic. Overloaded superconduct electrocharged shattered swirl. Unlike overloaded electro charged.

Whats better results 150 votes vaporize melt. When vaporize occurs the target will take increased damage and their previously applied element will be removed. The effect is slightly more potent if hydro is the second skill used.