Genshin Impact Weapon Enhance Guide Reddit

The game features a massive gorgeous map an elaborate elemental combat system engaging storyline characters co op game mode soothing soundtrack and much more for you to explore. Thank you so much for all of ur guides that you ve done.

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Weapons can be enhanced by either sacrificing enhancing materials that are obtained through dungeons chests or trading in ores or by sacrificing other weapons and a gold fee.

Genshin impact weapon enhance guide reddit. It s not quite done yet but almost there. There are 5 weapon variants which are bows catalysts claymores polearms and swords. Guides tips it seems to be well known that if you use a weapon call it a to enhance another weapon call it b and then later use weapon b to enhance a third weapon call it c then weapon c will receive 80 of a s exp value alongside b s full unenhanced exp value.

The character you choose to use will determine which weapon type they are capable of utilizing. I ve read ur tl dr guides multiple times now. Higher rarity weapons provide more exp as well as higher level enhancing materials.

Every 20 levels the weapon will reach a level cap which requires you to perform level cap breakthrough. Daily activities and leveling guide updated 10 05 20 what i wish i knew before starting genshin impact. This decision will likely give you the biggest advantage and easiest start in genshin impact.

First let us talk about the different weapon variants in genshin impact. Keqing xing fischl or keqing fischl xing sry for my. As of now there are no.

I ll list my other guide too in case it helps anyone. This is the official community for genshin impact 原神 the latest open world action rpg developed by mihoyo. I put together a guide for leveling and daily activities since i couldn t find one with all the answers i needed.

At level 20 you will need. If you enhance a weapon with a refined weapon you will not get extra exp compared to an unrefined weapon. Genshin impact enhance weapon tutorial guide beginner in this video i show you how to enhance your weapons in genshin impact.

Is aquila favonia good on him. Is it a good idea to enhance weapon and level for xing to high level before fischl. Only my 5 stars weapon that i have now it has to be right i want to run keqing fischl xing in my 2nd abyss team.

P2w can be expensive.

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